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  • Geoff Mulgan

The case for a global AI observatory (GAIO)

AI has been part of daily life for decades – in our smart phones and entertainment systems, and making decisions about everything from applications for credit to probation. But it’s only now that neglect has turned into panic as governments desperately try to catch up and work out how to regulate AI.

Here - in a piece for Noema, link below - I share ideas for a Global AI Observatory - a pragmatic, achievable goal (developed with a group of colleagues from MIT, Oxford and other bodies involved in AI) that could support the many other options that the world needs to consider. Our hope is that action to create it can start quickly - while the many other forums and panels discuss what else should be done.

[With thanks to the group who collaborated with me on the first version of the GAIO proposal: Professor Thomas Malone, MIT;Divya Siddharth and Saffron Huang, the Collective Intelligence Project, Oxford University; Joshua Tan, Executive Director, the Metagovernance Project; Lewis Hammond, Cooperative AI]


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