‘The tonic the world needs’ - ‘Wonderful, eclectic and deeply interesting’ - ‘An inspiring call for a more imaginative tomorrow’
A new book on why political and social imagination has shrunk; the lessons we can learn from history; and the methods to use now to amplify imagination, escape timidity and better prepare for the decades ahead – published June 16th.

‘This book is the tonic the world needs, particularly the West. Read it!’ — Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter, CEO, New America

‘We desperately need to renew our sense of what is possible and imagine the future in ways that are simultaneously creative, open and practical. This wonderful, eclectic and deeply interesting book is crammed with ideas of just how we might do so. If you care about where we’re headed, you must read this.’ — Professor Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Business School, author of ‘Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire’ 

‘A dizzying cornucopia of cases for imagination mattering more than rote learning and political orthodoxy. From deconstructing property rights and promoting universal basic income, to the sharing of intelligence by the state rather than its hoarding, this is an inspiring call for a more imaginative tomorrow.’ — Professor Danny Dorling, University of Oxford, author of Slowdown and Peak Inequality

‘Geoff Mulgan reminds us that we can imagine and create change, not just fix what is broken. His book offers hope and the power of possibility.’ — Sonal Shah, former Director of Social Innovation & Civic Participation, Obama Administration, and Executive Director of the Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation, Georgetown University