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Freedom's Children:

Work, Relationships and Politics for 18-34 Year-olds in Britain Today

1995, Demos
Helen Wilkinson, Geoff Mulgam

The values of young people in Britain today have been profoundly shaped by prosperity and peace, education, travel and communications, an by an inheritance of freedoms.

This generation is the most educated ever: 90% of sixteen to 24 year old women have qualifications compared to barely half of 35 to 55 year olds. There is a steady shift towards what some commentators call 'post-material' values.

Our map of British values also shows how values are fragmenting as younger age groups move towards more 'modern' values, such as autonomy and authenticity. Our survey evidence describes the swing away from tradition and authority, and rising tolerance. We show how men's values are becoming more traditionally feminine and how women are becoming more masculine; attached to risk, hedonism and living on the edge.

Freedom's Children is a study of young people today, how they act, what they want, what they value, what they sympathise with and ultimately who they are - what have the people of Britain become?

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