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  • Geoff Mulgan

Will governments ever learn? A study of current provision and the key gaps

I've written a draft overview of how skills for running governments are provided around the world - by governments' own colleges, universities and online - and how this provision might be improved.

The paper describes the history of training from ancient China onwards and the main forms it now takes. It suggests 10 areas where change may be needed and goes onto discuss how skills are learned, suggesting the need for more continuous learning and new approaches to capacity.

I hope anyone interested in this field will at least find it stimulating. I couldn't find an overview of this kind available and so tried to fill the gap, if only with a personal view. I'm sure I have missed lots of important initiatives so please share suggestions and amendments.

This topic is particularly important for the UK which allowed its training system to wane over the last decade. But the issues are relevant everywhere since the capacity of governments arguably has as much impact on human wellbeing as any other single factor.

Skills for running governments 2024
Download PDF • 2.10MB


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