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Hi, I'm a Professor at University College London, working at the intersection of ideas, public policy, technology and social change. I like to spot, create and help implement good ideas, working with national governments, global organisations, NGOs, foundations and businesses.  Recently,  I've been working on shared/collective intelligence, science policy, evidence, exploratory social science, systems, AI governance, wisdom, designing new institutions.  I'm particularly interested in how to make change happen - the practical plumbing as well as the grand ideas.

My latest books are 'Another World is Possible' on reviving social and political imagination, which came out in 2022,  'Prophets at a tangent: how art shapes social imagination', published early 2023, and 'When Science Meets Power' published winter 2023/24.

Over the years I have had many roles - as a CEO, social entrepreneur, policy-maker and author. I've worked in civil society, government, business and academia; overseen investment funds and chaired companies and charities; had jobs ranging from cleaning homes to selling door to door; and hopefully gained a good perspective on how the world works and how it can be changed for the better.  

This website brings together writings, ideas, videos and other materials.   The blogs section floats new ideas and shares current work.  I hope you find the site interesting and useful.  

Picture by Lewis Hyde


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