My main role now is as Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation at University College London.  I also have active roles with Demos Helsinki and the New Institute in Hamburg, and work with various national governments, foundations and businesses, as well as being a WEF Schwab Fellow.  I've been developing ideas on shared intelligence, wisdom, science policy, social science, imagination and systems.

Over the years I have had many roles - as a CEO, social entrepreneur, policy-maker and author, working at different times in civil society, government, technology and academia, and hopefully gaining a good perspective on how the world works and how it can be changed.  Not many ideas I worked on were implemented immediately: but a good proportion were taken up and acted on in the end, five, ten or twenty years later.

This website brings together some of my writings, ideas, videos and other materials.   I hope you find it interesting and useful.