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  • Geoff Mulgan

Collective intelligence and the SDGs

I've been working quite a bit over the last few years on applying collective intelligence methods to global challenges, partly through the recently created network of Accelerator Labs set up by the UNDP. A new report which I've co-authored gives a lot more detail on how these methods work in practice. I see this approach as having very general application - including to the everyday work of governments of all kinds:

A new report is out today - from UNDP (that I've co-authored) on using collective intelligence methods for achieving the SDGs, showcasing the work of the Accelerator Labs in dozens of countries around the world. Its a glimpse of a very different way of doing policy and solving problems that I hope will become mainstream in the future. ACCELERATORLABS.UNDP.ORG Collective Intelligence for Sustainable Development: Getting Smarter Together "Collective Intelligence for Sustainable Development: Getting Smarter Together" is a report series from the UNDP Accelerator Labs and Nesta's Centre for Collective Intelligence Design that surveys the current state of the field and suggests key areas for action to make the most of the combined effor...


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